Thoughts from Omar Martinez

We all have failed at a point in our lives. We have failed at job interviews, on delivering projects on time, or even launching a startup. Failing at any scale can be hard because is not the end result that everyone wants. There is loss of time, money and effort....

Jumping to write JavaScript could be met with minor obstacles. The obstacles are created from trying to establish a solid foundation for your JavaScript project.

Welcome to the relaunch of my blog. Now you can find all my posts in one place. I’ve moved away from the free blog to a S3 hosted Jekyll blog. I’m using the AMP-optimized Amplify theme.

I had an eventful 2014. A year of learning, self discovery and big changes.

Probably by now, you have heard of Web Components. Web Components are comprised of four different specifications ( Custom Elements, Templates, Shadow DOM and HTML imports). It’s a neat placed package of web technologies.

Flexbox (or flex layout) is a CSS box model optimized for user interface design.